Transformative Economy

The crossing of global planetary boundaries and the growing inequality require us to rethink economic concepts. Today’s dominant neoclassical concepts with their exclusive focus on economic growth ignore power asymmetries, social inequality and the destruction of nature. We explore new economic approaches and innovative policy concepts that promote a socio-ecological transformation.

We provide spaces to discuss such new economic approaches and concepts. For many years, we have placed particular emphasis on the debate about the commons.

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Economic alternatives


Free, fair, and alive: the insurgent power of the commons


Ambitious, sophisticated, and resolutely grounded in everyday realities, "Free, Fair and Alive" present a compelling vision of a future that can actually work. Written by two highly experienced commons activists, this book is at once a penetrating cultural critique, table-pounding political treatise, and practical playbook for building a new world of commoning.

The Wealth of the Commons

The Wealth of the Commons is about history, political change, public policy and cultural transformation on a global scale – but most of all, it’s about commoners taking charge of their lives and their endangered resources. It’s about common people doing uncommon things.

Patterns of Commoning

More than sixty frontline activists, academics and project leaders from twenty countries explain how commoning is empowering people to challenge the deep pathologies of contemporary capitalism and invent powerful, participatory alternatives. A special series of essays explores the inner dynamics of commoning - its ethics, social practices and worldview - to explain why the building of new worlds starts from within.

The Care-Centered Economy

Why are all those means and measures for satisfying needs - which despite emancipation are provided for free by many more women than men in the so-called private sphere - customarily defined as pre- or non-economic? An Essay about the unjust consequences of this omission.


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Wohlstand ohne Wachstum – das Update

Die deutlich erweiterte Neuauflage von Tim Jacksons Wohlstand ohne Wachstum bietet eine aktuelle wie fundierte Analyse der Auswirkungen der Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrisen und des ungebrochenen Strebens nach Wachstum.