Dr. Stefan Meister
Director Heinrich Böll Foundation Office in Tbilisi, Georgia
Stefan Meister

Dr. Stefan Meister heads the South Caucasus Program of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Tbilisi. Before that, he worked for the DGAP and ECFR with a focus on Russia, the Eastern Partnership, and Central Asia. He was a visiting fellow at the Transatlantic Academy in Washington, DC (2015-16); served as an election observer for the OSCE in post-Soviet countries; and was responsible for university projects in Russia. His doctoral research focused on the transformation of the Russian research and higher education system. He writes on German-Russian relations; Russian domestic, foreign, security, and energy policy; Russian disinformation; conflicts in the post-Soviet area with a focus on the Southern Caucasus as well as on the Eastern Partnership. Meister is co-author of the books "The Eastern Question” (2016), “The Eastern Voices” (2017) and “The Russia File” (2018), all published by Brookings Press. He is also co-editor of the book “Geo-politics and security. A new strategy for the South Caucasus” (2019).