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Illustration - Petra Kelly mit Megaphon auf grünem Hintergrund

Petra Kelly - A Graphic Novel

Graphic Novel

Petra Kelly was a co-founder of the German Green Party and known worldwide as a champion of ecology and human rights. She was tireless, fascinating and inspiring. So it's no surprise that her ideas and initiatives live on in today's politics: in the fight against climate change, for gender justice and the global validity of human rights. This year, the Heinrich Böll Foundation celebrates her 75th birthday and commemorates her violent death 30 years ago.

Cover Petra Kelly Biography

Petra Kelly. A Remembrance.

With the help of many photos, some of them unpublished, the book shows the most important stages in Petra Kelly's life, makes it understandable what shaped her, and offers a look at the founding period of the Greens.

1968 revisited

Publication Series on Democracy 7

Protagonists of 1968 from Brazil, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Serbia, and Belgium share their memories and assess the events. They speak of the individual characteristics of the protest movements in their respective countries, the long-term effects on political and social conditions and the role that the protagonists of 1968 and their ideas play in contemporary politics and public in the year 2008.