Jean-Marie Collin
Spokesman for the steering committee of ICAN France
Bild von Jean-Marie Collin, dahinter das Logo von ICAN

Jean-Marie Collin is an expert in the fields of nuclear deterrence, disarmament, arms control and nuclear non-proliferation with particular expertise on French nuclear policy.

Since 2009, he is an Associate Researcher in the Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security (GRIP), where he has published reports and policy papers about humanitarian initiatives and the nuclear ban treaty. He is an Expert/Spokesman for the steering committee of ICAN France where he does advocacy work in Parliament and the diplomatic scene, as well as different types of programs that aim to raise awareness within the francophone younger generation. JM Collin’s articles have been widely published by the francophone media (Le Monde, Le Figaro, Le Temps, La Croix, La Libre Belgique).

His last book "L'illusion nucléaire: La face cachée de la bombe atomique" (co-written with former defence minister P. Quilès and M. Drain) was published in May 2018.