Members Assembly, Expert Advisory Boards, etc.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation has about 200 employees as well as 538 supporting members who provide both financial and non-material assistance.

The members assembly, comprised of 49 persons, is the Foundation's foremost decision-making organ; its responsibilities include electing the Executive Board.

Expert advisory boards (7-10 persons) are staffed by independent experts who consult with the Foundation and formulate suggestions regarding conceptual issues raised in the educational programmes.

The Foundation's by-laws provide for a quota of women and immigrants on all the Foundation’s bodies and among its full-time staff.

Two additional bodies are the "Green Academy" and the "Gunda-Werner-Institute".

The Foundation currently maintains foreign and project offices in Brussels, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Israel, Lebanon, the Arab Middle East, Tunisia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, China, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, El Salvador and in the USA. A new Office in Morocco is under development.

For 2012, the Foundation had around 47 million Euro of public funds for projects at its disposal.