The Binary Narrative - Transgender (2/3) | Our Voices, Our Choices

The binary gender narrative speaks of men and women. Those who in the course of their lives, do not identify with the gender assigned to them at birth are called transgender. What they are allowed to call themselves, what gender is written in their passport, who they are allowed to marry - all this is often not their decision or can only be fought for through expensive and humiliating procedures. Argentina is often cited as a role model when it comes to the rights of trans* people. But what struggles do trans* people still have to fight for there? How does the situation look in comparison to Thailand or Germany? And where is trans* activism headed?

A podcast with:
• Alba Rueda, Undersecretary for Diversity Policy at the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Argentina
• Manuela Picq, Professor of International Relations at the University of San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador
• Esther Suvannannon, PhD student researching the history of transgenderness in Thailand, University of Victoria, Canada
• Nyke Slawik, Head candidate of the Green Youth NRW for the 2021 federal election
• Bodie Ashton, Research fellow in queer German history at the University of Erfurt, Germany

Illustration: CC BY ND NC 4.0 Arinda Craciun

This episode is part of the series:

This series hands the microphone to people whose voices don’t often get heard - people now making choices which don’t conform to laws or customs - or whose views have long been disregarded, even censored. Its about communities fighting for basic human rights and its about the diverse tools of their struggles. We discover how women are securing their rights through political protest, we look in detail at women’s reproductive rights and we go into LGBT communities worldwide.