Globalisation and Transformation

The way our economy currently works is destroying the foundations of life on this planet. Climate change is accelerating and biodiversity is under massive pressure. At the same time, the income gap is widening and inequality is growing. A “great transformation” (WBGU) worldwide is needed to bring our global economy in line with planetary boundaries while ensuring a good life for all. The work of our department focuses on projects concerning international infrastructure, investment, economic and fiscal policy as well as the promotion of new economic and development policy ideas.

Thematic focus
Tyuleniy Archipelago, Kazakhstan

Debt Relief for Green and Inclusive Recovery

Cover des Buches Green Hydrogem

Green Hydrogen: Key success criteria for sustainable trade & production


Based on national consultations in African and Latin American countries, this report examines benefits and risks for local communities and the envisaged exporting countries located in the Global South. It outlines international policy recommendations for how a human-rights based, equitable, just, and environmentally sound trade should work.

Making the Great Turnaround work

Making the Great Turnaround work


The long-term challenges have lost none of their significance – be it climate breakdown, species extinction, the increase in inequality, or demographic change. The challenge is to craft a strategic approach that can set the course for long-term success.


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