Policy Paper The Dayton Peace Agreement at 25: How to proceed for agreement for future?
Policy Brief

25 years of Dayton "Constitution": RESTART for Bosnia and Herzegovina? Ways to a citizen society

25 Jahre Dayton-„Verfassung“: RESTART für Bosnien und Herzegowina? Wege in die Bürger*innengesellschaft
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The Dayton Peace Agreement (DPA) to end the bloody war in Bosnia and Herzegovina was formally signed in Paris on December 14, 1995. Part of the DPA was the constitution, which continues to this day and the results of the war and the separation of citizens* on an ethnopolitical basis. All efforts for a reak reform have so far been unsuccessful.

In a policy brief, experts of the West Balkan Strategy Group have presented the set of problems in a short and comprehensible way and formulated recommendations for action in order to come closer to a genuine citizen society in BiH. Stability and progress in the Balkans will not be achieved without a solution to the issue of Bosnia and Herzegovina. And it is not only a regional problem, but a pan-European one.


Lejla Gačanica
Legal, independent researcher Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Izabela Kisić
Executive Director, Helsinki Committee for
Human rights Belgrade
Petar Todorov
Institute of National History - Skopje
North Macedonia

In 2020, a number of international conferences and talks marking the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Accords brought the country back into the international spotlight. On this occasion, the Heinrich Böll Foundation's office in Sarajevo captured numerous voices on how to deal with the dysfunctional system and compiled them in an English-language publication.

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Language: Bosnian, German

Online Discussion Tuesday, 23 February 2021
25 Jahre Dayton-„Verfassung“: RESTART für Bosnien und Herzegowina?
Wege in die Bürger*innengesellschaft

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Introduction and Reccomendations
The outcome of DPA 25 years later: A dysfunctional state and uncertain peace
A change of approach – starting in the region
Time for (pro)active role of the international community

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