Daniela Krüger, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Navigating Care between Clinic and Street - Urban Institutions' Entanglement with Bodies, Space and Marginalization

Ambulances and emergency rooms are resourceful organizational settings that are not only confronted with biomedical needs of their patients, but also with the social aspects of clients' everyday life. Navigating through socially unequal urban landscapes, their care practices are entangled with intersecting social categories. This dissertation centrally asks how emergency care is organized and practiced, and how inequalities in different spatial contexts come to matter in healthcare settings and medical encounters. Drawing on quantitative data on the socio-spatial fabric and medical care in different areas in the city of Berlin as well as ethnographic observations and interviews with urban health care professionals and patients I aim to reimagine the empirical example of emergency care and to start a correspondence with concepts of social theory, such as care, organization, space and social marginalization.