Lukas Sparenborg, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität - Frankfurt/Main

Intergenerational Climate Justice – A Structural Injustice Approach

The ways in which we deal with climate change do not only have impact on us and the environment but also on future generations. Therefore, climate change requires not only swift and profound actions now, moreover, if we do not tackle climate change now, future generation might suffer tremendously. In my dissertation project, I aim to explore how individual and institutional agents should think of their responsibilities to climate change and future generations.

I approach the question by building upon Iris Young’s work on structural injustice and responsibility to engage in structural transformation. Can we understand climate change as a form of structural injustice? If so, how does that affect our conception of responsibility and the relevant agents? To what extent can a conception of responsibility with respect to climate change as structural injustice capture our obligations to future generations?