Alexander Bonde

Alexander Bonde
Alexander Bonde

October 4, 2010
Member of the German Parliament

Alexander Bonde, born on 12 January 1975, is member of the Green party. His first electoral term in the Bundestag began in September 2002. He got reelected in September 2005 and September 2009. Bonde comes from the Black Forest region in the southwest of Germany, near the French and Swiss borders. His constituency is no. 284, “Emmendingen-Lahr”, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The constituency covers 41 municipalities and stretches from the French border on the banks of the river Rhine to the mountains of the Black Forest in the west.
Bonde serves on the Budget & Appropriations Committee, and the newly founded Committee on Financial Markets, that has oversight over the 480 Billion Euro German banking rescue package.

On the Budget & Appropriations Committee, Bonde is ranking member and spokesman for budget & appropriations for his party. He serves as “rapporteur” (equivalent to being a member of a small subcommittee) for the fields of defence, economy and labour market. Moreover Bonde is “rapporteur-general” (equivalent to a chairman of a small subcommittee) for agriculture and consumer protection. Beeing a young parlamentarian Alexander Bonde frequently proposed and supported measures for more generational justice and a balanced budged.

From October 11-13, Alexander Bonde, Member of the German Bundestag for the Green Parliamentary Group, will be visiting Washington DC for a series of political talks.

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