Myth of Nuclear Power - A Guide

August 27, 2010

The recent earthquake damage to at least one reactor in Japan has again highlighted the potential hazards of nuclear power in a dramatic way. The description of nuclear power as reliable, secure, and a source of unbeatable energy has turned out to be a myth. The nuclear power industry has struggled to make a comeback for decades. Now a revival is more unlikely than ever before. The catastrophe in Japan puts new focus on the operation of existing plants.

To address the myths of nuclear power, the Heinrich Böll Foundation has commissioned renowned international nuclear experts to deliver reports that provide the public with an overview of current, facts rich, and nuclear-critical know-how.

Michele Boyd
Is there a Nuclear Revival in the United States?
The U.S. currently has 104 nuclear reactors. Many of them that have received extensions would never be approved for construction today, experts argue. According to Michele Boyd (Physicians of Social Responsibility), the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has not turned down a single renewal application thus far. How safe is nuclear power in the United States?
Download "Is there a Nuclear Revival in the United States?"
(21pages, pdf, 790KB)

Gerd Rosenkranz
Myths of Nuclear Power - How the Energy Lobby is Pulling the Wool Over our Eyes
The book, “Myths of Nuclear Power: How the Energy Lobby is Pulling the Wool Over our Eyes" delivers the long-overdue, nuclear critical know-how for the debate, pointing to alternatives, and unmasks nuclear energy for what it is: an irresponsible and expensive high-risk technology.
Download "Myth of Nuclear Power - An Overview" (56 pages, pdf, 1.16MB)

Steve Thomas
The Economics of Nuclear Power: An Update 
Steve Thomas, the author shows the true cost of nuclear power and makes it clear that nuclear energy in the free market economy without government support is not competitive.
Download "The Economics of Nuclear Power: An Update" (72 pages, pdf, 1.18MB)

Henry Sokolski 
Nuclear Proliferation: A Civilian and a Military Dilemma
"Nuclear power plants are building blocks for nuclear bombs," says Henry Sokolski, the disarmament expert. Those striving for a world without nuclear weapons should not revive civilian nuclear energy. Climate change and nuclear non-proliferation should not be pitted against each other.
Download "Nuclear Proliferation: A Civilian and a Military Dilemma" (68 pages, pdf, 1.45MB)

Antony Froggart/ Mycle Schneider
Systems for Change: Nuclear Power vs. Energy Efficiency + Renewables
A new myth of the nuclear lobby is the claim that nuclear power and renewable energies are complementary forms of energy. The authors Antony Froggat and Mycle Schneider prove the opposite: Those who build nuclear power plants hinder the expansion of renewable energies.
Download "Systems for Change: Nuclear Power vs. Energy Efficiency + Renewables" (52 pages, pdf, 1.54MB)

A European Community for Renewable Energies (ERENE)
The complete coverage of Europe's electricity needs is possible through renewable energy sources, but this requires new tools and strategies - the result of a study by Michaele Schreyer and Lutz Mez.
Download "Study: A European Community for Renewable Energies" (98 pages, pdf, 1.71MB)

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