Economic Governance

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Economic Governance

The impacts of the global financial crisis are still reverberating around the world. It is crucial to critically analyze global financial and economic governance arrangements and identify measures which can avert future crises and protect and serve society and ecology.

Our Economic Governance Program focuses on democratizing governance structures to ensure that the international financial institutions and bodies, such as the G20, are representative and accountable. It also works on democratizing policy-making in the areas of finance, economics and trade to ensure that the financial system serves “real economies” in environmentally-sustainable ways that respect the rights of poor and vulnerable groups and women.

We support the engagement of citizen’s groups in developing countries in both areas, including through the encouragement of public education and capacity-building.

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Group of 20

G20 Update #13 - Leadership Transitions


G20-BRICS Update: Dueling Visions - Civil Society and the G20

- February 5, 2014 - Read about the jobs crisis (Sharan Burrow, ITUC); mobilizing pension funds to underwrite infrastructure (Manuel Montes, South Centre); the need for a new “model” for BRICS’ development (Jayati Ghosh, JNU); and the ambitions and risks of African mega-projects (Mzukisi Qobo, University of Pretoria). more»


Global Financial Governance and Impact Report 2013

- February 5, 2014 - This volume attempts to measure the quality of governance and the impact of the Group of 20 (G20), the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the IMF, World Bank, and Tax Rule-Making Bodies.  In her article on G20 governance, Nancy Alexander (hbs) gave the body a “poor” rating for its lack of transparency, accountability, inclusiveness and participation and responsibility. New Rules for Global Finance more»


Policy Paper

Implementing Gender Equality at the World Bank

May 31, 2013 - Gender equality efforts at the World Bank are not new. Several recent World Bank and external reports have taken stock of how successfully gender equality concerns have been mainstreamed in World Bank activities in the past few years.  This analysis finds that while there have been some improvements ,persistent weaknesses in implementation remain largely due to a focus on internal process over gender equality impacts in developing countries.  more»

Policy Paper

World Bank’s “Inclusive Green Growth” (IGG) Report – A Brief Assessment

- May 29, 2012 - The World Bank's May 2012 volume on "Inclusive Green Growth" has some positive solutions to offer, but falls short in several crucial ways: the lack of emphasis on poverty reduction, equality and human rights; an uncritical regard for market mechanisms to govern asset markets, and a view of infrastructure as the “heart of green growth,” among other things. Liane Schalatek and Nancy Alexander more»

Policy Paper

Submission to the 2012 Earth Summit Outcome Document ‘Zero Draft’

- November 16, 2011 - The 2012 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is scheduled for June 20-22, 2012 – right "on the heels" of the Mexican G20 Summit on June 18-19, 2012. Will the G20 Summit support or undermine the goals of the 2012 Earth Summit?  This paper describes the risk that, unless the G20 changes its orientation, it could undermine hopes for positive outcomes at the 2012 Summit. Nancy Alexander and Peter Riggs more»

Gender & Economic Governance

Climate change causes Women's crisis


The Future We Want. A Feminist Perspective

- January 26, 2012 - The multiple crises – the financial crash, hunger, climate change and resource scarcity – demonstrate emphatically that neoliberal market globalization cannot fulfill its promises: namely to bring about the optimal allocation of resources on the entire planet and thus be a win-win game for all. Christa Wichterich more»

Needed: A True World Bank Development Report on Gender Equality

- March 21, 2011 - It is certainly laudable that gender equality gets the serious consideration it deserves in the current international development discourse, and having a WDR exclusively focused on gender equality gives it yet another ‘stamp of approval’ of being an intrinsic development issue. Too bad, that the World Bank is not using this occasion to accompany the academic exercise internally with a serious reflection and reconsideration of the Bank’s own understanding of and approach to gender equality. Liane Schalatek more»

Sustainable Agriculture & Trade

The Wheel of Life


Wheel of Life - Food, Climate, Human Rights, and the Economy

September 15, 2011 - The links between climate change and industrial agriculture create a nexus of crises—food insecurity, natural resource depletion and degradation, as well as human rights violations and inequities. This report unravels the interrelated causes of and effects on these issues. Debbie Barker more»
Waste water (dark areas in the center of the picture) from hog farm running off from the "spray field" (green field) into nearby creeks in eastern North Carolina. Picture by Anna Milena Jurca


Our Daily Meat

- March 15, 2011 -

Americans consumed 275lb of meat in 2010. That is more than 341 grams each day. Most Americans do not know - or care to know - where their daily meat comes from. The truth is: in the United States, 79% of pigs are raised on farms with 2,000 pigs or more. These factory farms promised better employment, affordable food for everybody and better, more efficient farming practices. They delivered the opposite.

Anna Milena Jurca and Lisa Grau more»


This Land is Our Land

- December 1, 2010 - For more than three decades, transnational corporations have been busy buying up what used to be known as the commons -- everything from our forests and our oceans to our broadcast airwaves and our most important intellectual and cultural works. more»
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