Foreign & Security Policy

The wall of International Peace - Arbat Quarter - Moscow
photo by Jeff Bauche (creative coomons license)

Global Security and Foreign Policy

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the transatlantic dialogue on foreign and security policy has intensified. The perceptions of new threats and global challenges have led to increased cooperation as well as to an intensified strategic debate. The world has apparently become more insecure.

Failed states, asymmetric conflicts, international terrorism, nuclear proliferation but also climate change are new threats for which we seem ill prepared. Our Foreign and Security Program focuses on new policies and institutions as well as on selected regional conflicts such as the Middle East and Afghanistan.

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Regional Security & Conflict


Energy security for Europe

April 14, 2014 - No, the Crimea crisis does not mean Germany needs a national gas reserve of the kind called for by the Foreign Trade Association for Petroleum and Energy in Germany in its recent statement. A resource revolution is the most intelligent response to Russian gas and the Crimea crisis. Dieter Janecek - MdB, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen more»


Russia, Ukraine, and Europe

- March 12, 2014 - If Russia wants to continue economic and political cooperation with the EU, it has to end its military intervention in Ukraine and start the path of dialogue. We all would love to have a democratic Russia as a partner in the European Union. It is the current political leadership of the country that is moving away from Europe.


Rebecca Harms and Ralf Fücks more»


Afghans find their way

- March 10, 2014 - The international community will play an important but secondary role in Afghanistan’s future as Afghans work to create a more sustainable state through strengthening their political consensus, building their economy, and increasing security.
Caroline Wadhams more»

Europe & Transatlantic Relations


The great revenge of the North? TTIP and the rest of the world

- March 3, 2014 -

TTIP is an initiative that aims to cement the dominance of the two largest economic powers in the world. Rainer Falk and Barbara Unmüßig consider a topic thus far left out of critical debate: TTIP’s implications for the “rest of the world,” particularly for developing and emerging economies.


Rainer Falk and Barbara Unmüßig more»

Gender & Foreign and Security Policy

Policy Paper

Afghan Women Visioning 2024

March 12, 2014 - Afghan women have brought together a very personal account of achievements they have made over the last decade and they have  lined out their interest in how the transformation decade beyond 2014 should look like for Afghan women.  Afghan Women's Network (AWN) more»


Women's Voices, Women's Choices

- February 25, 2011 - On the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of the International Women's Day and to celebrate women empowerment, the Heinrich Böll Foundation publishes a dossier with articles and contributions from all over the world. more»
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